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Wouter Dijks

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Let's create something amazing together! I'm passionate about crafting applications that bring joy to people's lives. With expertise in Swift, TypeScript/Javascript, Python, C#, and Elixir, along with frameworks like SwiftUI & React, I strive to go beyond expectations and optimize user experiences.

I have experience with a variety of Azure tools, while also proficient in version control like Git(lab/Hub) and Azure DevOps. Not only do I love sharing my technical knowledge, but I also enjoy guiding and coaching fellow developers to unleash their potential. Let's take your project to new heights!

2023 -

Software Engineer


Working with React, Python and the .Net stack!

Currently working in the IT-development team.

2022 - 2023

iOS Developer


Learning the latest techniques in SwiftUI and sharing knowledge with colleagues.

My first project at Arcady was developing a Native iOS application called Deskie. This is a workspace reservation application that facilitates the new way of working to get people into the office. The request was to translate the web application into an iOS application. It was decided at the outset to create a native application in SwiftUI for Deskie.

Deskie was built using the latest techniques with the use of an MVVM architecture. I write my code with testability in mind and value quality. With the help of a test plan and scans in the area of cybersecurity, I expect to deliver a secure application.

Deskie Backend C#/.NET: adding a team reservation module

While working on the iOS application, I added a module to the back-end of Deskie. Here, I learned to navigate through an Onion architecture to add my code and used .NET. Whenever I add new code, I always make sure tests are included. In a later stage, I also enriched or adjusted modules based on business requirements.

In addition to development, I find soft skills important. I was involved in organizing Brainpower++, an event where we realized an activity for other Arcadians every two weeks. My task was to arrange external speakers. What I found cool about this was that it gave me a chance to practice my public speaking. Additionally, I enjoyed coaching junior developers at Arcady on soft skills and how they could present themselves to others.

2020 - 2022

Data Engineer

de Jong & Laan

Acquiring multiple sources of data and writing extensive query's to transform and transfer these to our datawarehouses.

At Jong & Laan, I focused on developing data warehouses, ETL processes, and automating large data streams from various ERP systems such as SAP, AFAS, Exact Globe/Online, QAD, Visma.net, and Lodder. Additionally, I worked with sources such as home-made software, MariaDB or other databases, CAMT053 files, audit files, and CSV, XML, and JSON files, and sometimes even databases from MS DOS.

For data extraction, I wrote T-SQL/PowerShell/m-query (Power BI)/Python code depending on the data sources. In T-SQL, I developed views for the data warehouse, which are used for loading Power BI analyses. For automation, I developed SSIS packages, stored procedures, triggers, jobs, and functions in SQL Server. Within the team, I was the DBA of our SQL server, in collaboration with the DJL IT team. I also worked in Azure, utilizing Azure Functions to build an infrastructure that allowed us to extract data from the NMBR’s API in its entirety.

In addition to development in SQL Server, I also worked on the direct connection between APIs and Power BI through the development of custom connectors in Power BI or Python pipelines. My extensive experience with the AFAS API helped me efficiently set up data streams.

I also mentored and supported colleagues in developing ETL processes and SQL queries.

2019 - 2022

Customer Support

AFAS Software

Helping out clients using AFAS Software or their API's.

Back then, I assisted clients with the software package AFAS, consisting of Profit, Insite & Outsite. The tasks varied. One day, I would help a client with their data export using our AFAS API, and another day, I would assist a client in setting up Google Tag Manager or resolving a simple booking issue.

At AFAS Support, I learned to analyze, inquire, and evaluate customer issues. I derived the most energy from dashboard and API questions, where people worked with importing and exporting data.