Hello world!

Written by Wouter Dijks

Published on: 2022-07-25

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Hello world!

Welcome to my first blog! In this blog and future posts, I will document my own journey as a developer. My name is Wouter (pronounced as Wow-ter where the last ‘w’ is silent) and I’m an iOS-developer.

I’ve been inspired by many other developers to write blogs to organize and write my own documentation. Besides coding, I’m also participating in a Dutch podcast about programming called CodeKlets.nl. You can listen to my materials starting at season 3! In today’s blog, I want to discuss my way of studying Swift.

Notion screenshot

I’m a real big fan of using Notion, in which I organize my thoughts. Sometimes I catch myself having shiny-object syndrome, and by documenting my progress per course, I’m able to get a hold on this habit. Although I’m still learning, it could be well possible that I’m not sure where to put my reading materials. Therefore, I’ve made a list of “Unordered items” where I’m able to look at occasionally.

Since this topic uncovers the big magical world of iOS-development, I’ve decided to make a mind map first in which I can always go back to if I feel like I’m missing out on a topic.

Mind map made through Whimsical.com

Just remember that this structure works for me so far. I’m not bound by chronological order; however, I do recommend starting with the basics of the Swift language first before progressing. Sources I started out with are the following:

For those who came this far, thank you for reading. For those starting out with Swift, let me tell you that I started off as an economics major and finally have my first job as an iOS-developer. My final tips for your journey are as follows: Stay consistent, even when it’s an hour per day. Write down your progress, and above all: Have fun!